A Guide to Bicycle Accidents and Injury Claims in Western Australia

Motor Legal - Bicycle Cyclist Accident Injury

The explosion of cycling activity on our roads in recent years has unfortunately resulted in a rise in the number of road accidents involving death and injury to cyclists. Nationally, in the 30 years between 1989-2018, nearly 50,000 road users lost their lives and 1,315 of them were cyclists (Road Crash Database). That figure does…

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The Role of Physiotherapy in the Treatment of Whiplash Injuries

Motor Legal - Physio Whiplash Injury

The most common type of injuries we see after a motor vehicle accident are soft tissue injuries, commonly known as “whiplash” injuries. This term simply describes the mechanism of the typical car crash injury, namely a sudden forwards and backwards jerking of the neck, back and shoulders (flexion and extension) caused by the sudden impact…

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