How To Find A Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer

If you have just suffered an injury due to a bicycle accident, whether it is on the roads or a footpath, there may be legal options available to you under WA law. Your ability to make a claim and the extents of your rights depend on a variety of factors including the gravity of your injuries and the short or long-term effects it may have on your life.

If you have sustained serious injuries due to a bicycle accident, it is important to contact a legal expert as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected and your claim is lodged before the time limit expires.

This is why finding the right bicycle accident lawyer is of utmost importance. Personal injury lawyers will be your representative against another party for injuries they may have caused you, or defend you against someone lodging a similar case against you.

For this reason, we recommend you find a bicycle accident lawyer that is within your budget who can make the situation easier and more comfortable for you.

It is important to know that when issuing a claim or filing a lawsuit, there are time limits. Because of this, it is imperative that you work diligently and timeously to find the right lawyer for you.

Have You Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident?

With the risk of a road accident increasing every year, it is possible for cyclists to sustain various serious injuries with far-reaching consequences. If you have been injured while riding your bike on the road, a path, in a park, or on a shared pathway, then you may qualify to make a bike accident compensation claim.

If you have been in a serious bicycle accident, your recovery is likely to be stressful. So, ensuring your legal rights are protected and you receive fair compensation is crucial.

Here are six important things to be aware of when seeking the ideal bike accident lawyer:

  1. A bicycle accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer is different from other lawyers because of their specific expertise in this area of law.Personal injury lawyers will usually have:
    • Extensive trial and negotiation experience in this field
    • A solid understanding of negligence law
    • In-depth understanding of medical diagnoses and other processes related to personal injuries.
  1. It is important to find someone who has the right expertise and knows the WA Australia laws and the cities ordinances. Rulings are generally the same across the main Australian cities but can differ slightly. Therefore we recommend you find a lawyer that is based in Perth and will likely know the ins and outs of the city’s’ legal framework.
  2. After sustaining a serious injury you will likely be in a lot of pain and under a lot of stress. Thus, finding a reliable and trustworthy bicycle accident lawyer is vital to ensure your case in managed professionally even in your absence. A good way to know if a bicycle accident lawyer is trustworthy is by looking at reviews from previous clients.
  3. Your lawyer should be ready to listen and hear every detail of your story to determine whether or not you have a case. Your lawyer should also care about you and not just the case. The time period after an accident can be tough, and your lawyer should provide reassurances that they are doing their best to help you.
  4. Communication is vital, and you should be hearing from your lawyer every step of the way throughout the entire process. You should also receive updates on your claim without having to ask. The claims process can be long, so it is important to choose a lawyer that stays in touch regularly.
  5. Like any profession, someone with passion always does a better job. Find a bicycle accident lawyer who is passionate about the legal system and is determined to find justice on your behalf.

What Accidents Can I Claim For?

If you have sustained an injury due to a cycling accident and decide to pursue a compensation claim, the process can be slightly confusing. Every situation differs but most bike riders are covered under the at-fault drivers CTP insurance policy.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify to make a claim, it is highly recommended to get in touch with a specialized bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible, to find out if you are eligible or not.

How Do I Claim For Injuries Caused by a Bike Accident?

Irrespective of the gravity of the accident, your first step is to lodge a compensation claim. The process can differ in different cities but generally, it will involve:

  • Reporting the accident to the police
  • Filling out and submitting a claim form
  • Providing a medical report with your claim

It is crucial that an experienced bicycle accident lawyer evaluates your claim before you submit it.

How Long Will My Bicycle Accident Claim Take?

Most compensation claims will take between 12 to 18 months to be completed. This time framework can differ depending on the nature of the seriousness of the claim and injuries sustained. A good lawyer will be able to give you an accurate indication of how long your claim will take.

What Can I Claim Cycling Accident Compensation For?

Depending on the nature of your accident, you may qualify to claim compensation for the following:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Expenses
  • Loss of Earnings or Earning Capacity
  • Pain or Suffering
  • Home Assistance (paid or unpaid)

The right lawyer will ensure you know what you are able to claim for once they have the details of your accident.  Generally, there is a cash value placed on the gap between your life path before and after the cycling injury.

What To Look Out For In A Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In some cases, lawyers may subtract the miscellaneous cost of winning your case from the settlement itself, in addition to their own fee. It is crucial that you ask your lawyer about their fee and the overall cost from the get-go, to ensure no money is taken off your settlement or compensation in the future.

Contact us at Motorlegal for assistance with your claim. We will take the stress and confusion out of your claim.

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